martes, 26 de julio de 2011


Monday through Friday to go to college

 go to the bank twice a month

going to pay cantv services, internet and phone once a month

my favorite video

we are all one world and we must always lend a helping hand to all who need it. and so we will make every day better, just you and I can give help to people in need, we are the world

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011



The Silbón is a legendary figure in Venezuela, especially in Los Llanos, described as a banshee.
It is, according to legend, the ghost of a young man who killed his parents, and so is condemned to wander as a lost soul forever with a sack full of the bones of their ancestors.
The truth is that this character terrorizes the entire state of Portuguesa and Cojedes and Barinas states, it is easy to see its famous whistling tone is a coarse to a more acute, and the farther you hear this and vice versa closer . One of the most famous legends of the Venezuelan plains and many claim to have heard or seen this happen to be so creepy.

It is also said to hear his whistle is a harbinger of death itself. You can be anywhere at any time

jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

 Money is not real happiness, help with your needs but does not satisfy thirst, not hug or kiss buy've always annelids, but does not cure serious illness, much less fall in love with love than you think.
The rich man is full of physical appearances and material, but poor inside, because you can not buy true friendship, or money can erase a heartbreak
Money is not everything in life, because this whole world is moving on the basis of having money or not, we must first think about the health and the things that money can not buy and be happy


MY OPINION OF THE VIDEO: We can never stop dreaming, often with commitment and dedication and desire to succeed WE GET WHAT WE WANT IN LIFE AND BE HAPPY


Bank robbery
A bank manager ran after the robber, a local police rolling on the floor and arrested a criminal who says he stole the crisis.

The robber armed with a handgun entered the Francesc Martí Mora Banca March, just after half past ten. After threatening staff stole € 890 and fled. An old Audi was parked nearby, but never the car. Two local police officers happened to pass by that street and the office manager saw them, took to the streets shouting, and began to follow the robber. The police did the same and one of them fell off his bike and suffered minor injuries. The tension was high because at that time was not known whether the gun was real or a toy.
In the end, Francisco O., 41, was intercepted and reduced. He argued that economic hardship was going through serious and was imprisoned in the dungeons of San Fernando, awaiting transfer to the Police Headquarters. Police are investigating whether the same point Monday offender was assaulted another Banca March in Palma, on the street Catalunya. This time the prize was ridiculous: 60 euros.


The entire Zulia, Venezuela was shocked after the 3.50 am on Tuesday May 31, 45 caps fall to the ground, taking the lives of Karen and Hugo Morales Virginia, just outside the Hall of festivities Sicily, Cecilio Acosta.The stunning beauty of Karen Virginia, plus a good deal of selfishness that every aspiring model should possess, the win was important awards of the international beauty, crowned "queen" in several contests, but even that's able to protect their executioners.On Monday, May 30, Karen decided with his partner for five months, attend the quince from the daughter of a friend of Hugo, but did not really want to go, "A quinceanera Monday?" Said tone of annoyance. Maybe Karen could imagine getting up on Tuesday morning errands outdated and do, but never saw herself filling the pages of events of all regional media and national.It was Tuesday, May 31, and after an evening of dancing and some drinks, Hugh and Karen calmly walked out the swanky place. A luxury car Mercedes Benz E340 silver remained parked for hours in front of the room, patiently waiting for the right time, the gunmen left with the mission to eliminate from the face of the earth Hugo Morales Jada, opened fire at will against partners.First, Kris Turizo, ended the life of Karen White, hit two shots in the legs, then took a few seconds for tipping two more shots neck. The gunman looked at her straight in the eye, but with all the coldness of the world, just ran it, even though she was not the main objective.Just a few feet away, the murderer for hire, Enderson Briñez, ended the life of Hugo Morales entrepreneur with over 20 shots.The investigations were not easy for the hounds CICPC much misinformation circulating in the media, and few relevant data were obtained.Jealous men willing to kill, prisoners wanting revenge and drug cartels, were the theories that became great in the media, but this does not fool the officials, were nothing more than speculation.Hard work of scientific research, which took as its starting point to determine who owned the car Mercedez Benz that was never reported stolen, presumably to try to secure it, took them to the thugs, and later to the intellectual authors.Meleán family members, a name known in Zulia, were blamed for the bombing, including the "executive arm" of the family, Heli Heliberto Fernández, alias "El Chamut," former police official who Poliurdaneta has been identified as mastermind of a number of other murder. One of the most memorable is the "Slaughter of the Cortijos" which killed four.However, only small fish are behind bars, prosecutors indicted the four men detained in the CICPC for being linked to crime, but the names of weight, have full freedom.